How To Use This Site

Genealogical research never ends. How you can help me keep the tree as thorough and accurate as possible.

Please keep the above in mind while browsing this site. Family history is one of my most engrossing passions, but I also run a business full time, have other interests, and have a (present day) family that needs my attention. I do not get to work on my genealogical research as much as I would like, although when I do work on it, it pulls me in and I spend hours.

If you spend any time at all browsing my research, you are sure to find many errors and missing facts. Please, please, please, do not ignore them. Instead, let me know using the form on this page. Or, if you have photographs or documents, please email or mail them to me so I can archive them and add them to this history.

A note to PRESENT-DAY family: I have focused primarily on the past in the tree. I am missing lots and lots of information about the most recent/current generations. This is just laziness on my part, but I am also missing lots of the details I will need to add current generations in. If you are a sibling, aunt, uncle, or cousin (no matter how distant) of Jim or I, please help me with this. If you could send me the details (full names; spouses; birth, marriage, and death dates) of the individuals in your immediate family, I will add them in. To protect privacy, recent generations have been kept hidden from the public, but if you are a close relative, reach out and I will provide access.

Send Information

Do you want to let me know about an error? Or do you have information you want to share? Use this form to get it to me:

    Get Access to the Site

    If you are not logged in to the site you will be able to see my blog content and research on generations past my grandparents, but you will not be able to see our full family tree. I’ve done this to protect the privacy of our family. However, like all genealogists, I WANT to share my research with you. If you are a close family member who wishes to access the site, just ask.

    Finding Info

    While you may initially be confused by the vast amount of information in my research database, Look first at the links under the Lineage menu item. It is here that you will find links to specific family branches. You will also find the search capabilities helpful. You may search by Surname, People, Families, Places, and Dates. The links under the Info menu item are also very interesting. You will learn about some of the mysteries I am trying to solve (can you help?) plus other fun links such as the one that takes you to all our ancestors who were born or died on this day.

    Ancestor Stories

    No matter who you are, a relative in our family branches or not, if you enjoy history, you may enjoy the information under the menu item “Stories.” It is ancestors’ stories that captivate me and this is where I will publish information about notable ancestors, groups of ancestors (i.e., Revolutionary War soldiers), places important in our ancestors’ lives, and historical events that played a role in our ancestors’ stories.