Historical Connections

Here, I delve into the rich tapestry of history, linking the past to our present through the lives and stories of our ancestors. I hope to eventually write in-depth articles about each of the historical connections and events represented on this page. But until that time, this is a way to make all of my research and resources accessible to those who are interested.

My passion for uncovering the patterns, stories, and connections in our family history has always been a driving force behind this website. From the surprising revelations about our Mayflower ancestors to the intriguing tales of colonial life, every discovery has been a step closer to understanding not just who we are, but where we come from.

On this page, you’ll find links to subpages, each dedicated to a specific historical event, with additional links to my research on ancestors who were involved in or impacted by the event, plus documents, photos, links to resources, and other information. These aren’t just impersonal dates and facts. Each story is interwoven with the lives of our ancestors, bringing a personal dimension to history that textbooks often overlook.

These collections aim to bring those stories to life, showing how our ancestors were not just witnesses to history, but active participants in shaping it. Their experiences, struggles, and triumphs are a part of us. By exploring these connections, we honor their memory and keep their stories alive.

As is the rest of the site, this is a work in progress. Please check back regularly.