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This is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of online genealogy and family history resources. There are many comprehensive listings already, such as Cyndi’s List. Rather, this is a listing of the websites that I have found helpful in researching my own family history.

My research interests include New England (spanning back to the very earliest European settlers), French Canadian and Acadian genealogy and history, and English, Irish, and Scottish genealogy and history.

Geographic areas of interest to me include Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont in the U.S.; Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec in Canada; plus all the places in Europe from which our ancestors originated–primarily France, England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

Geneaology & Family History Resources

I am also very interested in periods of history such as the Mayflower crossing and Great Migration (and all 17th-century colonial settlement in general), the French and Indian War and other Colonial Wars, the American Revolutionary War, the Acadian Expulsion, the immigration to New France of the Filles à Marier (marriageable girls) and Filles du Roi (Daughters’ of the King), both World Wars, the Industrial Revolution, and much more. Every now and then I find myself tracing our “gateway ancestors” and royal lineage through them which takes me in fascinating directions.

In short, I love history and I love finding and researching my connections to history through my ancestors and these are among the resources I use in my research. This is a growing and ever-evolving list, so check back regularly to see the changes.

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